Components and Innovation

Accumulator ACU

Fredriksons Conveyor Solutions Accumulator/Buffer, ACU, increases the availability and efficiency of production. Our ACU is from a TCO extremely advantageous and can ensure stable production. The main benefit is the ability to adjust other machines and equipment in the line without stopping the production. Fredriksons ACU is built from standard components and can be supplied with its own control cabinet or integrated into the line control. Our solutions can be easily integrated into other systems

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Vertical Conveyors VCU

Fredriksons Conveyor Solutions Vertical Conveyor, VCU, enables integration of solutions that create surface and/or package flows where traditional transporters cannot lift or lower the product. VCU solution is the most cost effective way to handle goods vertically without limiting the surface. As all our solutions the VCU can be integrated into other systems. It is controlled and operates on in its own cabinet or through the line control.

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Elevator ECU

Fredriksons Conveyor Solutions elevators/lifts, ECU, enable the integration of solutions for larger and heavier units such as trays and boxes to be transported vertically as multi packs or heavier goods of different kinds. ECU solution is the most safe and cost effective way to handle goods vertically without limiting the surface or damaging the package.

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Portals CPU

Our portals provide customers the most convenient and cost effective solution to create passage for operators, cargo, trucks or fire areas. The solution is the same standard components as other CS products that is modular and quick to install.

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