Fredrikson's sustainability work is based on Xano Group's sustainability policy and directives, which is based on the UN's Global Compact. The UN’s Global Compact comprises of ten principles based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO's fundamental conventions on human rights in working life, the Rio Declaration and the UN’s convention against Corruption.

We work actively towards 9 of the 17 global sustainability goals. For Fredriksons, sustainability means taking responsibility for how the business affects society from an environmental, social and economic perspective. We work actively with efficiency at all levels and optimize the use of our resources to achieve profitability. To achieve success, we believe in strong relationships, which are based on long-term perspective and participation.

Through the development of our employees and by continuously working on technical improvements, we ensure that our processes and products have the least possible impact on the environment and human health, while at the same time running our business in an efficient and profitable manner.